Vi - League of Legends

Lowpoly character of videogame LoL

Neon Strike Vi - League of Legends Character

When I saw Neon Strike Vi Concept art I was fascinated and I started to think about to work in my own realistic lowpoly model based on it.

I knew that I had to do a Lowpoly character for nextgen videogames in my modelling course and I saved that amazing concept done by Paul Kwon.

The lowpoly model had some restrictions that Animum 3D School explained us before we started the project, the first one was that the final model had to have 15k tris and 2k or less textures. I made one UV map for the body and another one for the hair. I did five maps for the body (Diffuse, Specular,Reflection, Glow and Normal). I was not sure if I was going to model the hair in planes with alphas or not. I did two versions, one model of the hair with planes and another version sculpted in Zbrush and finally I chose the Zbrush model. I did three 512X512 map for the hair (Diffuse, Specular and Normal).

Workflow was base mesh in 3DS Max, detail with ZBrush, retopology and UV unwarp in 3DS Max and textures done with Photoshop.

I had some troubles with Xoliul shader in 3DS max, however we need to do a realtime show of our model as part of the project, and after some work looking in FAQ's and forums I solve the issues. You can see the final realtime screenshots done with grabport in 3DS Max. I added the Hi res model too.


I hope you enjoy with it.

image 1
Lowpoly realtime render with Xoliul Shader with 3DS Max

image 2
All maps I did

image 3
Hi res model done in Zbrush

image 4
Wire of lowpoly Vi model