Unvanquished - Shrike

Model done for videogame Unvanquished

New alien creature


After working on Basilisk I have to model my second alien for Unvanquished Project. This is a flyer creature that hunts enemies with his massive claws. This creature is a mix between some sea creatures and insects. I had a lot of references of locusts, ants, bats...to understand shapes of this incredible alien.

I wanted to learn more to texture for next generation of engines like UDK4, Cry Engine and Unity5 with PBR textures, so I focused to learn Ddo and Quixel Suite to prepare textures for this new way that is going to become an standar in videogame industry. This model has 10k triangles and 2k textures (Diffuse, normal, specular and glow map). 

Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Based on concept done by Alex_bo.


For more information of Unvanquished videogame visit www.unvanquished.net


image 1
From bottom to top: ID, diffuse, normal, spec and glow map

image 2
10k triangles for whole model

image 3
Front view of colour scheme aproved by Unvanquished team

image 4
Final colour scheme aproved by Unvanquished team

image 5
Presentation image of model