Unvanquished - Basilisk

Model done for videogame Unvanquished

Time to do Aliens


I joined Unvanquished Development team and I have to model Basilisk as first model. It is a melee class, a fusion of mantis prayer, spider and reptile creature. It was my first time modeling non human creature, so I hope you like it. I enjoyed a lot working on it.

This model has 8.8k Triangles and one uv map. I did also textures (diffuse, normal, specular and glow map) one single 2k texture for everything.

Based on 2D Basilisk Concept done by Khaos.

For more information of Unvanquished videogame visit www.unvanquished.net


image 1
Concept of Basilisk - Hi res

image 2
Lowpoly model in 3DS Max viewport with Xoliul shader

image 3
2k Maps for Basilisk (Diff, Spec, Normal and Glow)