Bloodletter of Khorne

Bloodletter of Khrone - Warhammer 40000

Creature Anatomy Study

I had to choose a creature for my course and I'm a fan of Warhammer 40k universe, I also have Chaos Daemons creatures and I was thinking to design my own bloodletter of Khorne. I was looking my miniatures and I have to say that was a bit difficult because they have less detail than expected. I was very busy in that time too, so the result was not as good as I spected.

I'm current working on that creature, to add some armour and weapons.

The mesh has near 25k quads (for film industry) and I did three maps (Diffuse, Specular and Normal) for that model.I need to do better transitions between red, orange, purple and yellow to improve the quality of skin. I also did some renders test with xoliul shader to see how it works in a videogame and I'm glad with it because it looks cool.



image 1
Hi res model done in Zbrush

image 2
Realtime render with Xoliul Shader inside 3DS Max

image 3

image 4
Diffuse, Specular and Normal map