Ancient Raids

Final videogame project for Android/iOS

Ancient Raids is a RTS videogame I'm developing for my videogame master. All content here is made by myself (concept, modeling, texturing).

I created terrain with Mudbox, World Machine and Photoshop.

Houses and turret were made with Zbrush and/or 3ds Max. Characters have less than 1k triangles with 512x512 maps. Textures were made with Zbrush and Photoshop.

image 1
404 Triangles - 1x512x512 map (Diff, NM, Spec)

image 2
276 tris - 1x512x512 map (Diff, NM, Spec)

image 3
Hipoly model

image 4
Lowpoly model with 512x512 maps

image 5
1k heightmap with diffuse texture