Anatomy Studies I

Study of human anatomy - 8 head canon

 Improving Anatomy

After my Hoplite project, I was very surprised and fascinated about human body and I wanted to improve my knowledge about it. That was the main reason I joined the Character Modeler Course in Animum3D, I was very lucky because I saw his course looking in their web. I was quite surprised about teachers they have, a lot of them had very successful career in videogame industry (Gameloft or Ubisoft as example) or film industry (Deamworks or Weta Digital for example). The first step in that course was learnt about anatomy and I have to say that as more as you study it, you get far better results. As you can see in that character I designed, I got better shapes transitions and more realistic look.

I also did a lowpoly mesh for film industry, with near 8k quads. The main objective was to know how poles works and how to use it in our benefit when we are doing retopology. Finally I did also a UV map for it.

You have some photos of the project here.

image 1
Hi res model posed

image 2
8k Quad mesh retopology